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Solveig Kjeldgaard

PhD Student

Solveig Kjeldgaard
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Project title:  Synthesis and characterisation of low cost batteries

Introduction of renewable and intermittent photovoltaic and wind electricity sources in the utility grid will increase the demand for stationary electrical energy storage technologies. In such applications, high energy density has less importance, while a low cost has highest priority. State-of-the art batteries like Li-ion, lead-acid, Iron Nickel and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) have either high capital costs, short lifetime or a combination of both, which makes them unsuitable for large scale storage of electricity.

This project is focused on research into a new aqueous battery based on manganese oxide as the positive electrode and redox active polymerized anthraquinone (PAQ) as the negative electrode. Both MnO2 and PAQ have extreme low cost potential (< 10 $ kWh-1 for the electrode material) and are environmentally benign. The results can serve as the starting point for a larger application oriented project for upscaling this battery technology.

Main supervisor:  Associate Professor Anders Bentien

Co-supervisor:  Professor Bo Brummerstedt Iversen

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