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Sebastian Ørtoft Rasmussen

PhD Student

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In order to enhance understanding of the sensorial consequences of the ongoing climate crisis, my Ph.D.- project, tentatively titled A Dizzying Perspective: Geological Sensibility at the Dawn of the Anthropocene, studies the appearance and development of what I propose to call a geological sensibility in late 18th to early 19th century romantic literature. This refers to a new sense of temporal awareness which, brought to life by the geoscientific revolutions of the period, structures the way in which the romantic authors interpret and represent the natural world. On the basis of original archival work into the “roads” connecting geoscience, aesthetics and literature, and methodologically inspired by new insights into the relationship between representation and sense, I explore three distinct versions of such a geological sensibility - a sense of wonder, a sense of meaninglessness and a sense of interconnectedness - in a diverse array of romantic authors. These sensibilities, I argue, provide a prism in which the relations between the immense geological discoveries of the period and the sociocultural experience of the natural world are rendered visible – if not sensuous.

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