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Søren Munch Kristiansen

PhD, Associate Professor

Søren M. Kristiansen
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My research interests are broad, and I combine concepts from Geoscience, Archaeology, Biology and Health Science to understand how the environment and humans interacts today and in the past. I am dedicated to working with the geochemistry of soil and water at a global scale, and through collaboration I am especially interested in novel methods and new approaches to do genuinely trans-disciplinary, inter-faculty research.

This includes a.o. studies of how the environment shaped humans in our prehistory and what safe drinking water means in a life-long perspective. Recent research outputs focuses among others on: 1) low-dose lithium and manganese in drinking water have unexpected effects on mental outcomes, 2) machine learning can be used to detect unknown cultural heritage sites nation-wide, 3) metal pollution from Roman cities are unexpected long-lived in the Middle East, 4) aluminium is responsible for binding large pools of carbon in volcanic soils especailly around the Pacific Ocean, 5) micronutrients helps shaping the distributions of palms throughout Amazonia, 6) that indigenous home-gardens in West Africa is a climate-smart alternative, and 7) how arsenic and sulphur in water interactions with humans and the environments worldwide.

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