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Rasmus Vestergaard

PhD Student

Rasmus Vestergaard
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Project title: Adaptive network coding to develop future networks and cloud technologies

Project description:
Future communication networks and storage systems will need to be able to handle the increasing traffic generated by end users, the strict requirements for 5G communications, and billions of sensing and actuating devices connected to the Internet of Things. 

Current infrastructure is not adequate for these demands, especially since the amount of data will increase massively. With the expected number of devices, the cost of transferring the data all the way through current networks to reach clouds is prohibitive, and the economic cost of deploying a network capable of handling such amounts would be significant with the current technologies. On other factors, such as delay, the current technologies are entirely unable to satisfy the requirements. It is critical to develop new technologies that can increase the throughput in networks, reduce delays and operate in a distributed fashion while being economically viable. 

The goal of the project is to design communication and storage technologies for these future networks and clouds using coding theory constructions. This will be done by applying error-control codes in the network, and developing novel, adaptive codes that are suitable for flexible management of complexity and performance.

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Daniel Rötter and Assoc. Prof. Qi Zhang

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