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Rene Søndergaard Nilsson

PhD Student

Rene Søndergaard Nilsson
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Project title: Towards autonomy in farming operations: Logistics optimisation

This project aims to improve the efficiency of farming operations through logistics optimisation as a next step towards autonomous systems.

Logistics optimisation in an agricultural setting involves generation and optimisation of:

  • Path plans for all involved vehicles both in-field and out of fields.
  • Inter-vehicle interaction plans, such as loading/unloading of goods (seed, fertilizer, yield, bales, etc.)
  • Resource utilisation plans. For example minimising waiting time at conditioning/drying/storage facilities.

This project uses a model-based approach such that all farming operations can be simulated and the developed algorithms can be verified in an ‘off-line’ environment.

The developed algorithms will be deployed in a real-time system, providing input to auto-steering systems or guidance to drivers similar to a GPS in cars. Additionally, it will be able to cope with deviations and system failures, such as a vehicle breakdown, by re-planning and re-optimising for the remaining vehicles and resources involved in the operation.

Main supervisor: Prof. Peter Gorm Larsen

Co-supervisor: Senior Researcher Claus Grøn Sørensen

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