Weaver ants (Oecophylla)

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    Weaver ants are famous for their highly
    evolved nest building behavior, in which they
    link their bodies to produce living chains of ants
    to pull leaves together and subsequently use their
    silk-producing larvae to weave the leaf edges
    together. They are renowned for showing one of
    the most complex and advanced communication
    systems found among social insects. They are also
    well-known for being the first biocontrol agent
    used by humans to control pest insects and for
    providing a rare example of open-field biocontrol
    that is more efficient and less costly than chemical
    pest control. Weaver ants are eaten as a delicacy,
    they are used as medicine, and they are mass
    produced in indoor ant farms to provide feed.
    They are literally on their way to become one of
    the few insects domesticated by humans.
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