Thousand Questions

Winnie Soon (Other), Helen Pritchard (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formPictures, Video and sound recordings (digital)Research


In this work the network asks “If I wrote you a love letter would you write back?” Like the love letters which appeared mysteriously on the noticeboards of Manchester University’s Computer Department in the 1950s, thousands of texts circulate as computational processes perform the questions (perhaps as an expanded Turing test) on its listeners. These questions are extracted in real-time from Twitter with the keyword search of the ‘?’ symbol to create a spatio-temporal experience. The computerized voice the audience hears is a collective one, an entanglement of humans and non-humans, that circulates across networks. If I wrote you a love letter would you write back? (and thousands of other questions’ ) (封不回的情書?千言萬語無人回 was commissioned by the Microwave International New Media Festival 2012.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2012
Place of publicationOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2012


  • code
  • query
  • questions
  • twitter
  • real-time


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