The compact picture of symmetry-breaking operators for rank-one orthogonal and unitary groups

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We present a method to calculate intertwining operators between the underlying Harish-Chandra modules of degenerate principal series representations of a reductive Lie group G and a reductive subgroup G', and between their composition factors. Our method describes the restriction of these operators to the K'-isotypic components, K' ⊆ G' a maximal compact subgroup, and reduces the representation-theoretic problem to an infinite system of scalar equations of a combinatorial nature. For rank-one orthogonal and unitary groups and spherical principal series representations we calculate these relations explicitly and use them to classify intertwining operators. We further show that in these cases automatic continuity holds; i.e., every intertwiner between the Harish-Chandra modules extends to an intertwiner between the Casselman-Wallach completions, verifying a conjecture by Kobayashi. Altogether, this establishes the compact picture of the recently studied symmetrybreaking operators for orthogonal groups by Kobayashi and Speh, gives new proofs of their main results, and extends them to unitary groups.

Original languageEnglish
JournalPacific Journal of Mathematics
Pages (from-to)23-76
Number of pages54
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Harish-chandra modules
  • Intertwining operators
  • Principal series
  • Spectrum-generating operator
  • Symmetry-breaking operators


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