Poetikkens kunstformer: Om forholdet mellem poesi og poetik i Niels Lyngsøs MORFEUS

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    Art Forms in Poetics: On the Relationship between
    Poetry and Poetics in Niels Lyngsø’s MORFEUS

    In Denmark, the genre of poetics has to a high degree developed
    into poets’ own reflections on their literary work and working process.
    This turn has resulted in a textual hybridity, restlessly oscillating
    between essayistic-theoretical orientation and poetic discourse. It has
    been pointed out that scholars have generally failed to pay attention
    to the artistic elements of such poetological writings. This is where
    this article takes its point of departure, probing Danish poet Niels
    Lyngsø’s abundant, complex and ambitious bastard piece MORFEUS
    from 2004 – a blend of visual poetry, sonnets, associative lists, essays
    on literature and the arts and many other forms. Inserted in a slipcase,
    the large quadratic, unpaged sheets, fastened with metal rings, seem
    extremely tactile; the reader becomes a percipient, a sensing body. As
    the poetry and the poetics are inseparably wrapped in each other, the
    poetic, sensuous perception mode is encouraged to be transferred to
    the ordinarily content-orientated reading of theoretical reflections.
    The point is now that this transfer turns out to be fruitful: the poetic
    is at times strikingly operative. Passages where this is the case
    are analysed profoundly and the implications and perspectives of this
    fusion of poetry and poetics are unfolded.

    Original languageDanish
    JournalK og K
    Pages (from-to)160-186
    Number of pages27
    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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