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Impact of silage additives on aerobic stability and characteristics of high-moisture maize during exposure to air, and on fermented liquid feed

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  • Nuria Canibe
  • Niels Bastian Kristensen, Denmark
  • Bent Borg Jensen, Denmark
  • E Vils, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Pig Research Centre, Denmark
To (i) measure the aerobic stability- and describe the characteristics, during aeration, of high-moisture maize (HMM) treated with various additives, and (ii) describe the microbial characteristics of fermented liquid feed (FLF) added HMM.

Methods and Results
Four treatments were prepared with each of three HMM samples: (i) The HMM as is (CONTROL); and the control added (ii) acids (ACID); (iii) heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria (HETERO); or (iv) homofermentative lactic acid bacteria (HOMO). After ensiling, aerobic stability was measured (Aim 1) and FLF prepared (Aim 2). The ACID treatment improved the aerobic stability of samples 1 and 3 from 9 to 14 h in the CONTROL to 67–115 h. All additives improved aerobic stability of sample 3 from 32 h in the CONTROL to 104–168 h. No proliferation of Enterobacteriacaea was detected during incubation of FLF.

The microbial profile during aeration- and impact of additives on the aerobic stability of HMM depended on the characteristics of the samples. No blooming of Enterobacteriaceae was observed in FLF containing c. 20 g HMM 100 g−1.

Significance and Impact of the Study
The impact of silage additives on aerobic stability of HMM should be tested in samples with varying characteristics. Inclusion of HMM could be a way of improving biosafety of FLF.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Applied Microbiology
Pages (from-to)747-760
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2014

    Research areas

  • agriculture, preservatives, fermentation

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