Empowered trainers manual

Eva Lindhardt, Amani Jouza, Mutasim Mahadeen, Lakshmi Sigurdsson, Britta Kornholt, Renee Hattar, wafa al-khadra

Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportBookResearchpeer-review


This training manual focuses on the following main subjects: citizenship, human rights, differences, diversity, pluralism, dialogue, interconnections, and communication. The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS) formed a scientific committee which included a number of experts on various topics related to the content of the project, from both Jordan and Denmark, who in turn prepared the scientific material and exercises for the manual.The manual is divided into four chapters that address the main topics of the training material, followed by practical exercises that trainers and teachers can benefit from in their classrooms or training workshops on those specific topics. All of the exercises are based on the social emotional learning approach and playful learning methods.
Original languageDanish
Place of publicationAmman, Jordan
PublisherRoyal Institute for Inter-faith Studies
ISBN (Print)978-9957-426-09-5
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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