Data-Driven IoT Ecosystem for Cross Business Growth: An Inspiration Future Internet Model with Dataspace at the Edge

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Data is the bloodline for a business to grow, compete, and sustain in the market. It empowers businesses to build diverse services comprising innovative business models. For this, businesses must adopt an open collaboration approach, making their data and associated services available for sharing and reuse purposes, leading towards a positive and collaborative win-win business model instead of competing with each other. This creates the need for a digital ecosystem that allows data and services to be shared, reused and exchanged in a governed and secure manner. Dataspace (DS) caters to the same objective that facilitates many data operations for stakeholders, such as search, query, aggregation, federation, integration, analysis, etc., over geo-spatially distributed and diverse resources. Therefore, we propose a novel edge-enabled context-aware Dataspace model, presented for the first time in literature, as a potential solution to integrate cross-domain and cross-organization data and associated services in local or regional contexts. This model aligns with the architectural vision of the future internet model, which can create collaborative innovation and shape the futuristic industry 5.0 and beyond ecosystems. In this context, each participating organization will act as an edge that supports DS computing resource requirements and offers edge-oriented advantages in saving latency, bandwidth, and data operations near or at the data source. The model has also been validated over a local IoT edge-cluster emulated Dataspace testbed and found to fulfill the functional aspects of the proposed model.
Original languageEnglish
JournalINTERNET 2024 : The Sixteenth International Conference on Evolving Internet, ISBN: 978-1-68558-133-6
Publication statusPublished - 10 Mar 2024


  • Cross domain, Architecture; Context aware, Data Lake; Data space; Dataspace; IoT; Edge; Platform; Semantics


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