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6G Technologies – How Can It Help Future Green Business Model Innovation

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In the last few years businesses have been motivated and pushed by governments and global society on innovating and developing Green Business Models. However, Reconfiguring, designing and developing green business models to become efficient and valuing Green Business Models have shown to be much more complex than expected. It includes balancing monetary and non monetary value formulas of business models in symbiosis. Not just for the single business – but for businesses in their entire value network. This includes security challenges related to securing that green business models really are green – and not based on greenwashing. As green business models demand in long term perspective a very open business model innovation approach, it calls for stronger and new security technologies. Protection of IPR’s of Business Models and businesses competences, so they are not one to one copied with out giving value back to “the Business Model designer” and the rightful original owner of the business models is a major security challenge related to green business models. Green Business Models and Green business Model Innovation calls therefore for new and more advanced security approach, technologies and understanding. Previous business model innovation security practice and systems cannot fully offer these solutions – but 6G of wide-area wireless security technologies – as an umbrella – gives hope and can potentially play major role with new security technologies supported by AI, AR and blockchain technologies. This evolvement is highly and urgent needed to support the success of our society’s green transformation. The paper document through Nordic green business model cases some of the above mention security challenges that green business models and green business model innovation stand in front of and need to innovate solutions for. The paper discuss and propose how 6G and related technologies could help.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of ICT Standardization
Pages (from-to)11-38
Number of pages28
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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  • 6G green business models, green business model development, green business model innovation, green business model measurement, green business model parameters, strategic green multi business model innovation, the green wall

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