3-timersrapporten 2007: Videndeling i den postgraduate uddannelse

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3-hour meeting report 2007
Postgraduate specialist training at Aalborg Hospital in an educational – sociological perspective
At Aalborg Hospital, 3-hour meetings provide junior doctors with three hours within regular working hours for discussing education with an innovative purpose. The meetings are followed by dialogue and action throughout the organisation. The method benefits both junior doctors and Head of department as well as hospital management. A “3-hour-meeting report” is published by hospital management each year to inform all the departments on the results of the meetings, highlighting important issues and facilitating knowledge sharing between departments.
This year, the focus areas for the meetings and the report have been individual education plans and career supervision. Moreover, a general overview of education issues has been achieved. The overall impression is that although education plans and career supervision work well in some departments, junior doctors generally have wishes for improvement. Among other things, it seems that junior doctors would like more structure and written documentation. The analysis of the meeting reports indicates that the education may benefit from a conscious distinction between scholastic and workplace learning. When moving from university to postgraduate training, the junior doctor needs to adapt to a new kind of learning where, to a large extent, it is his or her own responsibility to achieve the required learning and see the possibilities for learning in the course of daily operations. However, it is also important that the educating departments are aware of the fact that they are conducting work place learning and therefore must create an educational space within daily operations that can fulfil the training requirements.
In short, it could be concluded that whilst the departments of course must live up to their responsibilities of training junior doctors, it is equally important that the junior doctor knows his or her rights and responsibilities in order to seek the training and education that is expected to be obtained.
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Place of publicationAalborguniversitetshospital, Forskningens Hus
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2007

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