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Peter Sørensen

Professor, Senior Researcher

Peter Sørensen
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  • Utilization and loss of nutrients (N and P) in agriculture and environmental effects of nutrient management.
  • Nitrogen and carbon transformations in soil applied with organic manures.
  • Nitrate leaching and agricultural management.
  • Effects of animal feeding and manure treatment technologies (separation, acidification, anaerobic digestion, gasification) on the composition, turnover, utilization and environmental effects of animal manure.
  • Utilization of nutrients in re-cycled residues and wastes in plant production.
  • Long-term organic arable crop rotations and effects on crop production, utilization and losses of nutrients.

Running projects

  • ClimOptic. Ny klimavenlig gødning til økologisk planteavl. https://icrofs.dk/forskning/dansk-forskning/organic-rdd-4/climoptic
  • Gyllemajs. Gylle som startgødning til majs ved placering.
  • Ferticycle. New bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling. https://plen.ku.dk/english/research/plant_soil/sf/research-projects/ferticycle/ 
  • CCRotate. Rotation af efterafgrøder for at øge produktions- og klimaeffekter. https://icrofs.dk/forskning/dansk-forskning/organic-rdd-5/ccrotate
  • LOWHIGH. Low emissions and high energy production in manure handling chains.

Latest activities and conferences

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