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Y-LAB: FACS enrichment of fetal cells circulating in maternal blood

Project: Research

  • Uldbjerg, Niels (Project manager)
  • Nicolaisen, Bolette Hestbek (Participant)
  • Vogel, Ida (Participant)
  • Schelde, Palle (Participant)
  • Hatt, Lotte (Participant)
  • Singh, Ripudaman (Participant)
  • Ravn, Katarina (Participant)
  • Baasch Christensen, Inga (Participant)
  • ARCEDI Biotech ApS
  • Arcedi Biotech ApS, Aarhus
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We aim to develop a risk-free non-invasive prenatal test based on circulating fetal cells in maternal blood. In this study we aim to use Fluoresces Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) as an enrichment step in our ARCEDI protocol.
Effective start/end date18/05/201914/05/2020

ID: 134304865