What works: Formative Assessment

  • Moos, Lejf (Project manager)
  • Skov, Poul (Participant)
  • Jensen, Bent Brandt (Participant)

    Project: Research

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    The importance of tailoring learning more closely to individual progress, rather than to suit the adminis-trative convenience of education systems, is a long-running theme of the lifelong learning agenda. The CERI study will look at some of the most promising existing models in schools that have developed new relationships between teaching and an understanding of learning needs, and have resulted in enhanced student outcomes. The CERI study will build on and enhance previous research on the underlying principles of effective for-mative assessment/innovative teaching practices, thereby adding to robustness of the data, and/or defin-ing new directions for study. The CERI study aims to add to the body of knowledge on formative assessment and other innovative approaches to teaching by providing vivid descriptions of teacher strategies and how teaching methods play out within the classroom. (Researchers agree that more description of successful formative assess-ment/innovative teaching practice is needed.) The CERI study will attempt to bring greater clarity to the concept of formative assessment, contributing to the overall body of research.
    Effective start/end date01/08/200231/01/2005


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