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The overall aims of the EFFORT project are to establish basic knowledge on nutrient
requirements of organic produced pigs, transfer the knowledge into new feed
formulations and feeding strategies and implement these strategies at practical
Organic pigs use energy for physical activity and thermoregulation and ingest
substantial amounts of grass and roughage, but these aspects are not taken into
account in feed planning. In practice, the nutrient supply is imbalanced which
negatively affects feed efficiency and environmental load of the production.
In the project we develop a method to quantify grass intake for growing-finishing
pigs and outdoor sows with access to pasture based on biomarkers in blood and
urine. Then we quantify nutrient intake and nutrient requirements for physical
activity, thermoregulation, and maintenance in growing-finishing pigs and outdoor
pregnant sows under influence of season based on live weight measurements,
blood samples and back fat scanning. Body pools of water, protein and fat are
determined by deuterium oxide in sows evaluate build-up/mobilization of body
depots. Similarly, nutrient requirements for physical activity, thermoregulation,
milk production for outdoor lactating sows under influence of lactation length and
season are quantified.
Based on this knowledge feeding strategies will be developed representing the best
compromise for sows at different stages and season and tested under commercial
conditions. Likewise, feeding strategies for finishing pigs will be developed and
tested under commercial conditions including strategies based on the concept of
compensatory growth. Finally, the overall effect of implementing improved feeding
strategies on production costs and environmental impact at herd level will be
Effective start/end date01/04/201630/06/2020

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