Using personal health data for the prognosis of functional independence and beyond - Experiences from a specialised neurorehabilitation clinic treating patients with acquired brain injury

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    Prognosis research may aid the shift towards value-based health care, thus supporting an efficient rehabilitation, here following acquired brain injury. During the present project the evidence base for prognostic factors predicting functional independence after inpatient rehabilitation will be reviewed and synthesised. Based on the findings and clinical expertise, multivariable prognostic prediction models will be developed and validated using routinely collected health data from about 4500 patients having been treated at Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre since 2011. Next, the value of these prognoses for predicting two-year adverse event rate after discharge from rehabilitation will be assessed. Finally, a tool to extract and conceptualise free-text notes from electronic medical records will be developed and the suitability of extracted information for prognosis explored. Consequently, the project intends to lay the groundwork for future data-driven prognosis research at Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre
    Short titleThe Health Data Cycle – Prognosis of Functional Independence after Acquired Brain Injury
    Effective start/end date01/07/2020 → …


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