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Development of wooden breast over time

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  • Teknologisk Institut
  • Danpo A/S
  • Kyllingeavler Troels Møller Radik
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The etiology of wooden breast development is unknown, and both genetic and environmental factors has been suggested in the litterature. Under conditions of Danish poultry production development of wooden breast has been registered already form day 21 of the slaughter chicken production i.e. 10-14 days prior to slaughter. The aim of this project is to follow the development of wooden breast from the chickens are small until the time of slaughter and try to identify biomarkers which at an early stage can indicate if wooden breast is developing. In these flocks we will follow the oxygen/carbon dioxide levels throughout the stables at different positions. Our hypothesis is that capillarisation of the breast muscle is at the verge of sustaining oxygen demands to the tissue and removal of carbon dioxide and waste products form the breast muscle tissue. If the environment is sub-optimal i.e. slight changes in oxygen/carbon dioxide levels this may initiate development of wooden breast as there seem to be similar defects upon experimentally induced oxygen deficiency of muscle tissue.
Funding: The Danish Poultry Production Levy Fund
Collaborator: Technological Institute (AgroTech), Danpo and chicken farmer Troels Møller Radik
Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2018

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  • wooden breast, Chicken

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