Towards precision medicine in Psychiatry: Investigating the utility of polygenic risk scores as predictors of clinical outcomes in depression

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Depression is the cause of enormous suffering in the world. Although we cannot yet prevent depression, we can potentially mitigate its negative consequences through early identification of patients at risk for poor outcomes such as recurrence, chronicity, or progression to bipolar disorder. Polygenic risk scores (PRSs) show great promise for use in clinical settings to inform diagnosis and treatment, but more research is needed to determine whether incorporating PRSs into clinical settings can improve prediction of outcomes in hospital-treated depression patients. In this postdoc, I will use data from ~32,500 hospital-treated depression patients in the iPSYCH cohort to quantify and characterize the associations between different PRSs and clinical outcomes. I will also build prediction models for patient outcomes in the iPSYCH sample, and determine whether adding PRSs improves the predictive capacity of these models beyond what is achievable through clinical and demographic variables alone. This research will provide much needed insight into the role of genetics in predicting clinical outcomes in depression, and will form an evidence base for incorporating PRSs into clinical practice. Because they will be based on iPSYCH data, the findings of this project will be especially useful for Danish psychiatric practice.
Effective start/end date01/05/201901/05/2024


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