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The New 'Third Generation'. School strategies in a Generational Perspective

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A new generation of minority Danish children is growing up in Denmark. Their parents were born, raised and schooled in Denmark and therefore have different conditions for dealing with their children's schooling and experiences in Danish society than their parents had. These new generations of minority Danish children and parents have the potential to challenge many taken for granted assumptions of integration, ethnic identity and education. Through two studies of these ‘third generation’ children and ‘second generation’ parents, this project examines the lived experiences, school strategies and histories of migration and integration of these new minority Danes. It does so from a multiple generational perspective, that highlights the dynamics of migration in relation to timespan, political contexts and family relations
What is the significance of the historical and political context in which parents grew up in Denmark for their school experiences and relation to Danish society (the social generation)? What role does the distance from migration and childhood experiences play for children and parents' experiences with the school and society (the migration generation)? How does the position of the family and the intergenerational dynamics influence parents’ and children's approach to school (family generation)? And will these new generations of minority Danish children and parents change the position of minority Danes in the Danish school and society?
The project is financed by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (FKK) and conducted in two areas in greater Copenhagen to investigate the significance of the area, the children grow up in and to illuminate the diversity among minority Danes in the second and third generation.
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