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The Linguistics of Classical Narrative

Project: Research

  • Allan, Rutger (Project coordinator)
  • Adema, Suzanne (Project coordinator)
  • van Emde Boas, Evert Hendrik (Collaborator)
  • Huitink, Luuk (Collaborator)
  • Nijk, Arjan (Collaborator)
  • Kroon, Caroline (Collaborator)
  • Risselada, Rodie (Collaborator)
  • Buijs, Michel (Collaborator)
  • Schrikx, Josine (Collaborator)
  • Rademaker, Adriaan (Collaborator)
  • van der Keur, Michiel (Collaborator)
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Research project leading to a multi-author handbook describing the linguistics of Greek and Latin narrative and offering an overview of approaches to linguistic narrative analysis.
StatusNot started

ID: 191650407