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The influence of maternal health on human breast milk composition with potential downstream effects on infant metabolism and gut colonization

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  • University of Copenhagen
  • Fødevaremikrobiologi
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• First, we want to determine the variability of breast milk nutrients by application of metabolomics, proteomics and glycomics. The production of human breast milk has a high maternal metabolic cost. Thus, we hypothesise that maternal health attributes (metabolic dysfunction or obesity) influence which breast milk nutrients are made available to the infant.
• Second, we want to establish the microbiome of breast milk. Maternal obesity can lead to an apparent gut microbial ecology and increases the risk of obesity for the child. Thus, we hypothesise that maternal obesity confers distinct microorganisms to the infant.
• Third, we want to identify biological mechanisms for how breast milk nutrients are metabolised in the infants. Infants exclusively breast-feeding offer total compliance. Thus, we hypothesise that by deconstructing breast milk components and markers of infant metabolism through clever analysis of infant urine and feces, we can deduce the bioactivity of breast milk nutrients.
Effective start/end date18/05/201918/05/2023

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