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SUPIAF - Sustainable protein ingredient for animal feed - GUDP project

Project: Research

  • Nielsen, Mette Olaf (PI)
  • Nørgaard, Jan Værum (Participant)
  • Lund, Ivan (Collaborator)
  • Holm, Jørgen (Collaborator)
  • Denstadli, Vegard (Collaborator)
  • Ringsing, Arne (Collaborator)
  • Karlshøj, Ina (Participant)
  • Jensen, Michael (Participant)
  • Nitojou, Eleni (Participant)
  • BioMar
  • Danish Agro
  • DTU Aqua
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Uniprotein is an environmental friendly bacterial protein source based on fermentation of natural gas. Uniprotein has a protein and oil content equivalent to fishmeal and contains other functional nutrients. The high content of zinc in the protein has been shown in pilot trials to have favorable effects on occurrence of diarrhea in piglets and potentially on intestinal passage rate and nutrient uptake in salmonids due to the content of nucleic acids and phospholipids. The protein has been approved by the EU as a feed ingredient, and the patented production process has within the last years been matured and up-scaled for possible commercialization. The objective of the project is to further develop the potential of the bacterial protein as a feed for weaner piglets and farmed fish. The product will be optimized in relation to nutrient requirements in the above-mentioned species, so that it can be utilized by feed manufacturing companies as a sustainable protein ingredient and a functional additive. Uniprotein will be tested at different dietary inclusion levels for functional response and digestibility in farmed animals, and for impact on the physical characteristics and quality of the feed. The product can contribute to an increased growth in aquaculture and pig production through better feed utilization and health, reduced CO2 imprint in feed production for livestock, minimized use of animal derived protein sources that are over-utilized and have limited availability (eg. fishmeal), diversified feed factories assortment, increased returns and improved health in production
Effective start/end date01/07/201930/06/2022

    Research areas

  • Bacterial protein, weaner piglets, salmonids, feed ingredient, gut health, piglet performance

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