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Structural transformation to achieve gender equality in science

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The STAGES project - Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science- GA n° 289051 has been designed with the general aim of supporting the career advancement of women researchers. The project intends to launch structural change strategies and address the multidimensional nature of the gender-and-science issue with a wide perspective and scope, deeply involving human resources management in research institutions, modifying and gendering its basic tenets.
STAGES, which will last 4 years and is currently close to its mid-term, has been conceived with the general aim of leaving the logic of pilot projects behind and launching structural change strategies addressing the many and interconnected layers of the problem of gender inequality in science from an integrated perspective.
Under the coordination of the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Italian Presidency of Council of Ministers (DPO) , and assisted by a research Centre specialised in gender and science namely (ASDO - Italy), 5 Research Institutes/Universities from as many countries (Università Statale di Milano - Italy; Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – Germany; Aarhus Universitet – Denmark; Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Romania; Radboud Universiteit - The Netherlands) have drawn up and are currently implementing a self-tailored action plan. Each plan includes activities in the 3 strategic areas identified on the basis of the results of the PRAGES “Practicing Gender Equality in Science“ project, namely: Building a women-friendly environment, Promoting gender-aware science, Supporting women’s leadership of science.
Effective start/end date01/01/201231/12/2015

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