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Strategy as communicative practice

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The project focuses on management communication in a strategic context. It studies how ambiguity, multivocality and monovocality arises through the various phases of strategizing applying for example concepts such as recontextualization/decontextualization, thus taking the discursive aspects of strategy work into greater consideration. The aim of the project is to contribute to the on-going discussion about the challenges and potentials of the ambiguous nature of strategizing in organizations, and specifically to the field of organizational communication.
The project is placed within the theoretical and methodological frames of strategy-as-practice, and is co-initiated and directed in collaboration between associate professors Helle Kryger Aggerholm, Birte Asmuß and Christa Thomsen, Department of Business Communication/Centre for corporate communication.
The project group is well established and has been running for several years. A range of empirical data has been collected, and the work has resulted in several collective research papers and conference presentations.
Until now the project group members have collected and worked with the following data set:
- A single-case study of a medium-sized company during a 12-month period. The data collection has been centred on the strategy process consisting
of the managerial authoring, organization-wide translation and organizational member interpretation of a new market strategy and data consisted of participant observations, video-recordings, audio-recordings, and 12 semi-structured interviews.
- A single-case study of a large public organization during a 13-month period. The data collection has been centered on the strategy formulation process and subsequent communication of the corporate strategy from top management via middle management to employees. The data consisted of participant observations and 38 hours of video-recordings.
Previously, the research group has also worked with management conversations in a strategic perspective. This project, which was completed in 2009, included the following types of conversations: recruitment conversations, job appraisal interviews, roundtable sickness leave conversations and dismissal conversations (see report (in Danish only): http://www.asb.dk/article.aspx?pid=17725).
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