STAMS (Long Term Stability Assessment and Monitoring of Flooded Shafts) RFCR-CT-2015-00002

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    Development of ROS drivers and a software tool for real-time control of the different devices to deploy in the shaft. Sensor fusion
    for 3D shape generation of the flooded mine shaft with a sonar profiler. Task management, deliverable writing and field trials.
    Visual localization algorithms for underwater robot navigation in the flooded mine shaft. Tools: ROS, OpenCV, PCL.

    An educational platform based on a racing cars game for training and
    research in innovative technologies for Xplore contest
    Development of Visual Odometry algorithms for drone localization and car rescue in an automated Scalextric platform.
    Development of a controller for autonomous drone navigation. Tools: ROS, C++, OpenCV.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201431/12/2018