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Sprayless - Reduced fruit waste by non-chemical approaches to control strawberry grey mould

Project: Research

  • Petridis, Antonios (Project manager)
  • Bertelsen, Marianne G. (Project manager)
  • Petersen, Karen Koefoed (Participant)
  • Weber, Roland W.S. (Participant)
  • Henriksen, Merete Brødsgaard (Participant)
  • Gartnerirådgivningen
  • I/S Lykkesholm
  • Jordbæravler Per Nielsen
  • Lindflora ApS
  • SW Horto
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Grey mould caused by Botrytis cinerea and related Botrytis spp., is the most common and destructive disease among Danish strawberry producers. This leads to rotten berries both during cultivation in the field, on the shelfs in the supermarkets and at home with the consumers. Many berries must be discarded, and thus a bad business for the producers. Botrytis spp. are high-risk pathogens with respect to the development of resistance against fungicides.
The overall purpose of the project is to provide the Danish consumers with high-quality strawberries produced with reduced fungicide input. In order to achieve this, a holistic approach is required in which fungicide sprays are supplemented and partly replaced by a quality control of nursery plants to avoid the introduction of fungicide-resistant strains of Botrytis into Danish strawberry fields and partly by hygiene measures effectuated by picking and removal of infected fruit in order to retard the spread of these strains in the production fields. The strawberry growers will gain more knowledge and tools to determine the Botrytis infection level in their planting material and the degree of pesticide resistance before they are delivered and planted in the field. Growers will also obtain knowledge that will help them prevent establishment and spreading of fungicide resistant Botrytis strains in the field. It is the aim that also the retail market will benefit by less waste due to Botrytis infections.
Funding: Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (GUDP) under Miljø- og Fødevareministeriet
Collaborator: GartneriRådgivningen, I/S Lykkesholm (strawberry producer), Per Nielsen (strawberry producer), Lindflora ApS, SW Horto A/S
Effective start/end date01/08/201731/07/2021

ID: 129075480