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SOBcows – Specialized organic breeding goals and breeding schemes for dairy cattle

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  • Videncenter for Landbrug
  • Naturmælk
  • Viking Genetics
  • NordGen
  • RYK - Fonden til varetagelse af registrering og ydelseskontrol
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The overall aim of the project is to increase the volume and profitability of organic milk production by:
1) Adjusting the breeding stock and production animals to organic production systems. The knowledge gained from genomic selection is here utilized in order to establish organic breeding lines based on the existing Danish dairy breeds.
2) Providing sustainable methods for an organic niche production based on animals with specific genetic characteristics and animals from the native Danish dairy cattle breeds. Overall, the project will strengthen the credibility of organic dairy production as animals from the organic lines will have a higher genetic level with respect to health and welfare traits relative to the conventional lines. Establishment of organic lines with special breeding characteristics and use of genetic material from the native Danish breeds will furthermore contribute to sustainable management of animal genetic resources in the form of a much larger genetic diversity among organic livestock. The project will be carried out as theoretical simulations of breeding plans as well as a practical evaluation of the recommendations.
The breeding goals include milk quality parameters and this is how FOOD is contributing to the project.
Funding: GUDP and co-funding from invovled partners
Collaboration partners: AU-MBG, Vfl-Kvæg, Vfl-Økologi, Naturmælk, VikingGenetics, NordGen, RYK
Effective start/end date01/10/201430/09/2018

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