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Screening the nutritional value of proteins

Project: Research

  • Toft-Care
  • Skarø Is
  • Essentia Protein Solutions A/S, Graasten
  • Møllerup Brands
  • KMC, Brande
  • Lihme Protein Solutions
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The aim of this project is to document the nutritional value of protein sources; digestibility, bioavailability and stimulation of muscle growth/maintenance.
This is to be carried out in order to 1) select the best proteins for production of food for the health focused consumer as well as for patients with a special need for proteins, 2) to document the nutritional value of “new” protein sources.
Several food manufacturers aim at producing healthier products in order to gain market shares or create new markets by focusing on the health conscious consumer. A speciel segment of these manufacturers produce nich-products optimized for ill or rehabilitating persons. These products demand a protein content of ”high” quality. However, it is difficult to specialize in a market where it is not possible to document the special effort these companies put into their products. This is also the case for documentation to support development/extraction/procession of new protein sources with improved quality compared to already existing protein sources.
In this project we will combine three elements to support the documentation of nutritional value of proteins; 1) an already established model to simulate digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, 2) a model of an intact monolayer of intestinal cells for screening of bioavailability i.e. which proteins passes the first barrier of the intestinal wall 3) a model for simulation of muscle growth.

Funding: Danish Food Innovation

Collaborator: Toft Care, Skarø Is, Essentia Protein Solutions, Møllerup Brands og KMC, Lihme Protein Solutions
Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2019

    Research areas

  • screening, nutritional value, Proteins

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