Research of policy and research for policy in an era of transnational education policy making

  • Desjardins, Richard (Participant)
  • Moutsios, Stavros (Participant)
  • Cort, Pia Seidler (Participant)
  • Rasmussen, Jens (Participant)
  • Rubenson, Kjell (Participant)
  • Schuller, Tom (Participant)
  • Burns, Tracey (Participant)
  • Levin, Ben (Participant)
  • Walker, Judith (Participant)
  • Rinne, Risto (Participant)
  • Nielsen, Søren (Participant)
  • Grootings, Peter (Participant)

    Project: Research

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    This project examines a series of issues which surround two interrelated topics: 1) recent political economic changes affecting education policy making processes including the ascension of neoliberalism and the transnationalization of education policy making; and, 2) the tension between research of policy vs research for policy. Working from different perspectives, the contributors help to provide a better understanding of these two important sets of issues which the field of education must contend with today.
    Effective start/end date01/12/200606/06/2011



      • policy studies
      • Policy research
      • comparative education
      • transnational governance
      • transnational policy making
      • Globalisation of education


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