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Re-Scheduling Public Service Television in the Digital Era

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In Europe, public service television (PSTV) is of great cultural-political importance, especially in countries with small populations and languages, such as Denmark. The core PS values universality and diversity are increasingly challenged by a transnational on-demand media culture supported by commercial algorithmic personalisation. PSTV has taken up the competition by offering their own streaming services. The project therefore asks whether an adaption of the PS core values is possible, and its focus is on the changes to the defining feature of television: the schedule and its production. Television as an increasingly space structured medium is presumed to challenge and stimulate the former time structured identity of the medium. The approach is comprehensive empirical analysis at DR and TV 2 of these new and complex time-space structures and their implications for the production culture, for the conceptualization of television and the audience as well as the core PS values.
Effective start/end date01/09/202131/08/2024


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