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Refined forage legumes as local sources of protein feed for monogastrics and high quality fibre need for ruminants in organic production

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Protein supplementation is a challenge in organic livestock production. Use of imported protein feeds on organically managed farms limits the recycling of nutrients. Fractionation of forage legumes, through novel harvesting and biorefining techniques, into protein- and fibre-rich feeds for monogastrics and ruminants, respectively, can increase farm self-sufficiency with feed. Leaf stripping and biorefing will be studied in experiments located in different regions in Europe and Turkey and assessed for feed value in monogastrics and ruminants. Concepts of local food systems based on fractionation of lucerne and red clover will be assessed for sustainability. Stakeholder groups will be involved in the project, and to ensure effective dissemination of the results, farmers will be interviewed regarding attitudes to self-sufficiency and barriers to cooperation that may be necessary for the implementation of local food systems.The proposed project will establish important knowledge about how to improve self-sufficiency in organic livestock production. An assessment of economic, environmental and social aspects can be used to adapt sustainable local food systems in different regions.
The project is financed by CORE Organic Cofund
Effective start/end date01/03/201830/04/2021

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