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QualiTree (research-based tree oil produktion in West Africa)

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Overall objective

To reduce poverty by increasing food security and income in Burkina Faso and Mali through sustainable growth and development of local industrial food production and marketing of oil products from native trees.

Immediate objectives

1. To develop and ameliorate local research-based industrial oil production and marketing.

2. To identify new native oils and to improve quality and exploitation of existing oils as a basis for improved oil production though use of local knowledge.

3. To identify the oil composition of native tree species with an economic and nutritional potential.

4. To assess resource availability of native oils in local communities to ensure sustainable production.

5. To implement sustainable management of oil producing native trees.

6. To greatly increase capacity building through the inclusion of a new generation of specialists in sustainable oil production in African research institutions, private companies and local communities, and to improve local and regional networking in terms of knowledge of oil composition and production.

Effective start/end date01/01/201131/12/2016

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