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Psy-leadership: Strong school leadership and softer technologies

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In recent years, politicians, decision-makers, parents and school actors have asked for "strong", "efficient", "professional" and "successful" management and leadership. This could raise different questions like: Why ask for management and leadership? What kind of leadership/management is most efficient? Or how does the demand on successful school management connect to the overall modernization of the public sector, the Danish Welfare state. We will ask other kinds of questions and focus at how new kinds of management and leadership affects what it means to manage and what it means to be managed in the public sector of today. One of the trends in public schools is what is often recognized as the softer technologies of power, or what the articles names Psy-leadership. It is a strategic act upon others actions informed by theories and practices from pedagogy and psychology. Inspired by Nicholas Rose's idea of the Psy-Sciences, the term Psy-Leadership point to managerial technologies and the learning of the very same supposed to affect and strategically correct the souls, minds, expectations, fantasies and emotions. In this article, we will not point to the efficiency of this approach but rather highlight how the new forms of leadership (re-)construct, that/those to be governed at a more overall level, and this reconstruction has un-intended, complicated and sometimes contra productive consequences in relation to the becoming of humans.  We analyse school leadership/management through three analytical optics; Affect, virtuality and materiality, and we try to construct a more précis and sensitive language for what has been known as the growing complexity of school leadership/management. Our hope is that these analytical optics and language can be used in other parts of the public sector, where Psy-leadership is the answer to raising productivity and competition.
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