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The ability of probiotic bacteria to metabolize complex carbohydrates from milk

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  • Arla Foods Ingredients
  • University of Copenhagen
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Dairy products contain carbohydrates and bacteria, which are regarded as beneficial for health (prebiotics and probiotics). Despite their increasing use, the molecular details of the effect of pre- and probiotics on the gut microbiota and the human host are insufficient.
The aim of this project is to obtain a better molecular understanding of probiotic bacteria’s metabolism of complex carbohydrates from dairy and investigate potential interactions with other bacteria and the effect on the colon tissue.
In vitro experiments with mono- and co-cultures will be set up to investigate the molecular details of the interactions between bacterial strains. Furthermore, in vivo experiments based on mouse models will be developed as simple and defined system for investigating the composition of the microbiota and the effect of consumption of pre- and probiotics. The analyses will be based on NMR spectroscopy and NMR metabolomics as an explorative method for investigating metabolite profiles in dynamic systems.
Financing: GSST, Arla Food Ingredients
Collaborators: Arla Food Ingredients, Copenhagen University
Effective start/end date01/05/201630/04/2019

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  • probiotic, prebiotic, dairy products, molecular interactions

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