Playing with Ghosts - Affective ambivalence in decolonial art practices

  • Knudsen, Britta Timm (PI)
  • Singh , Meghna (Participant)
  • Dyrendom Graugaard , Naja (Participant)
  • Jacek , Kasper (Collaborator)
  • Dube , Abdul (Collaborator)
  • Sicart , Miguel (Collaborator)

Project: Research

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. Playing with ghosts pursues the hypothesis that playful modalities are affectively serious ways of world-making. Art allows new worlds to emerge and become palpable and creates spaces for new affective encounters between socially and culturally diverse groups. This project’s contribution lies in the exploration of affective ambivalences in decolonial contemporary art as more affirmative modes of engagement that could provide a corrective to the critical modes of critical heritage studies to which postcolonial and decolonial theories subscribe.
Short titlePlaying with ghosts
Effective start/end date01/06/202331/12/2025