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Plant mitochondria as a model for human ageing

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Humans, like all mammals, have a relatively fixed lifespan. In a recent major review Larsson (2010) concluded: “Human ageing is strongly associated
with the occurrence of acquired damage to mitochondrial DNA and clonal expansion of these somatic mutations, leading to focal respiratory chain
deficiency.” In contrast, many plant species can live for hundreds or thousands of years without apparent metabolic ageing. The reason for this difference is unknown. We will here test the hypothesis that plant mitochondria can be used as a model system for studying human ageing. We will compare and contrast the proper ties of human and plant mitochondria from young and old cells /tissues with respect to growth and division, DNA replication, transcription and repair, the turnover of reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage to proteins and DNA (mutations) to identify the properties of plant mitochondria that make old plant tissues resistant to ageing and age-related diseases
Effective start/end date01/09/201401/08/2017

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