Ph.d. Britt Henriksen Assessment of animal welfare in Danish mink farms, for farmers, veterinarians and authorities

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The aim of the study is to evaluate how (which time of the year and period) the welfare assessment procedure WelFur-mink should be conducted to be a tool for farmers, veterinarians, and authorities for improvements of animal welfare in Danish mink farms. The project also evaluates Stable schools as an advisory tool for animal welfare in the Danish mink production. Data from WelFur-assessment on 19 mink farms is collected for the three main production periods of mink and from repeated assessments on four farms in the nursing period, while qualitative interviews are conducted with breeders from 10 mink farms which have joined a Stable School. The hypoteses of the project are:
1. The WelFur-assessment score on measurement and criteria level changes significantly with the kits age in the nursing period, but the score per principle and the overall classification of welfare will not be affected.
2. The overall classification of welfare according to the welfare assessment procedure WelFur-mink will be the same per farm in the minks’ tree production periods.
3. Stable school is a useful herd health advisory tool in Danish mink farms.
Effective start/end date01/04/201231/03/2015


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