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Cyberbullying is a significant social, health and behavioural concern throughout the EU and worldwide, yet crucial areas in its prevention and intervention have largely been side-lined, namely the key role of parents, as well as the role of gender, disability, ethnicity and sexuality. PARTICIPATE will address this research and action gap, by delivering a world-class multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary doctoral training program incorporating plans for substantial networking and exchange of information, expertise and action potential regarding the nature and extent of cyberbullying across Europe. By focusing on parents, as well as on gender, disability, ethnicity and sexuality, the project aims to empower both parents and young people, creating a safer space online for our youth, while placing Europe firmly at the forefront of cyberbullying research and practice. This DN brings together many of the foremost world leaders and cutting-edge researchers in the areas of cyberbullying prevention, and is grounded in excellence provided by academic partners (N=6) across Europe with extensive previous experience of collaborating together. This partnership, in conjunction with a strong and diverse range of non-academic partners, including NGOs, youth foundations and internet safety organisations (N=8), will provide a robust multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approach to finding solutions to cyberbullying. The objectives will be achieved through a unique combination of individual and collaborative research work, non-academic secondments and workshops on scientific and applied skills facilitated by the academic/non-academic composition of the consortium. The findings generated will produce both practical, research-based programs, and European guidelines on cyberbullying in relation to gender, disability, ethnicity and sexuality. We will generate approximately 40 scientific publications and engage the public with our findings through a Marie Curie Ambassador program.
Effective start/end date01/08/202201/09/2026