Parents' experiences of transfer of their newborn infant between units/hospital: a metasynthesis

  • Aagaard, Hanne (Participant)
  • Hall, Elisabeth O C (Participant)
  • Fegran, Liv (Participant)
  • Ludvigsen, Mette Spliid (Participant)

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Being parents in neonatal care is repeatedly documented as being worried, anxious and as living in an alien world (Jackson et al. 2003, Aagaard & Hall 2007, Rowe, Gardner and Gardner 2005). The infants are born too early or are critically ill and their lives might be in danger (e.g. Holditch-Davies, & Miles 2000, Hall, 2005a, Nicolaou et al. 2009). Also parents might feel that the baby is not really theirs, it belongs to the hospital (Fenway Heermann and Wilson ). In many western countries, parents are close to their premature or sick hospitalized infants; they stay in the hospitals bonding, doing kangaroo care and other parenting matters (Aagaard and Hall 2008, Kymre and Bondas 2012 Hedberg Nyqvist et al). Progressively parents are developing parental competence (Rowe et al 2005, Raines 2012, Fegran et al. , Hall et al. 2012, Skene et al 2012). Nurses’ encouragement and support is an inevitable help for parental involvement and bonding with their new baby. (Skene et al. 2012)
Effective start/end date25/04/201230/06/2014