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Origen and the Homily

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  • De Cock, Miriam Jane (PI)
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I am investigating the genre of the Christian homily in the third-century context, particularly in Caesarea, Palestine, where Origen is thought to have delivered these, and indeed the majority of his homilies. I will write a book-length study of Origen’s contribution to the historical development of the homily in late antiquity, which will be entitled, “Origen and the Homily.” I will argue that we can identify a strong influence of the ancient Alexandrian school rooms on this third-century author’s homilies. Not only that, but in these homilies, and the Greek Homilies on Jeremiah, which I examine in comparison with those focused on the psalms, we find indications that Origen’s hearers were working through the text verse-by-verse with him; I suspect they were even reading together. I therefore call into question scholars’ tendency to treat Origen’s homilies in a similar manner to those we have from the great preachers of the fourth century. In short, I hope that my work will go some way toward providing a more textured account of the homily in the hands of the innovative third-century thinker.
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