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Organisational Learning

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What: The project investigates the field of organisational learning, of actual educational initiatives (an educational program and use of e-learning cases), and of organisational development initiatives (a task force) aimed at promoting digitalisation of a local government. Why: The aim is to investigate the conditions in an organisation (here: local government) that promotes organisational learning as a result of education and organisational development. How: Evaluation of whether or not organisational learning is promoted hinges on the definition of the term. In this project, we use a definition of organisational learning that focus on social and organisational processes rather than the actions of individuals. This entails using a method that seeks to understand educational initiatives and organisational development as a chain of events unfolding under very specific circumstances rather than as a result of individuals thoughts and actions.
Effective start/end date01/01/200231/12/2004

Research outputs

ID: 128861112