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Developing skills to work with children who face psychosocial challenges within day care centres: a study of hands-on guidance

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With the emergence of an inclusionary agenda and an increasing number of children struggling socially and/or psychologically within day care, the role of those working within this field has changed significantly in recent years. This has created a clear need for specialist knowledge at mainstream day-care centres. Professional expertise and skills development seem to be crucial aspects of efforts to meet the goals of the inclusionary agenda.

The project studies special education skills development in the form of specially designed on-site learning processes that take place at mainstream day-care centres. Through so-called hands-on guidance, an instructor with special education expertise observes and participates in interactions between staff and children at the centre and guides/demonstrates direct responses to specific situations.

The project contributes with new practice-based knowledge regarding changes in expertise and professional identity among those working at day-care centres. Furthermore, it produces knowledge regarding how methods and principles drawn from special education can be integrated at mainstream day-care centres in their work with the inclusion of children who face psychosocial challenges.
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