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Ecosystem services and nature quality in suburban landscapes

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The aim of this project was to determine the potential for advancing biodiversity and ecosys-tem services on private properties in suburban areas and thereby to advance a coherent urban green structure with high nature quality, robust adaptation to climate change and diverse recreational and cultural values.
The project was completed in 2013 through five separate sub-studies concern-ing (1) land use and green structure in the greater Copenhagen area, (2) gar-den habitats and their ecology, (3) garden owners’ perception, design and use of their gardens, (4) garden owners’ attitude towards different initiatives to advance biodiversity and sustainable management of rainwater, and (5) local authorities’ perception and planning of urban green structure, biodiversity and the role of private gardens.
Together the five sub-studies show that there is a potential for advancing bio-diversity and retain rainwater in suburban gardens. Gardens cover enough land to make a difference and can easily provide a variety of habitats. Initia-tives to advance biodiversity and rainwater retention do, however, not match common practices of garden owners and users, but there is a potential for de-signing gardens in ways that provide more habitats while at the same time accommodating gardens owners’ aesthetics for and uses of their gardens.
Effective start/end date15/10/201231/12/2013

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