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Valorisation of milk fat globule membrane enriched ingredients

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  • Arla Foods Ingredients Amba
  • Københavns Universtitet
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The main goal of the present project is to set thebasis for a process of industrial isolation of ahighly qualitative MFGM fraction from cream, which has both a technologicallyand nutritionally relevance. Obtained fractions both form lab scale and realscale will be characterized and compared with products that are commercialproduces, today. Characterization includes protein- and phospholipidcomposition and purity. The protein composition will be analysed by 2D SDS-PAGEand MS/MS. Furthermore, a new analyticalequipment enabling measurement of the phospholipid composition will be established. Moreover, the actual biologicalfunctionality of different MFGM fractions will be examined with current inhouse knowledge. In perspective, the presented project may enable establishmentof an economical feasible production and a further break-through of applicationof MFGM enriched products for specific population groups.
Funding: Arla Foods for Health
Collaborators: Department of Food Science, Copenhagen University, Arla Foods Ingredients, Arla Foods amba
Effective start/end date01/08/201530/06/2019

ID: 129051681