New Technologies for Other Seeds Determination

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Multispectral imaging (MSI) is a new technology with the potential to improve the accuracy, consistency and speed of testing. Traditional features like seed size, shape and colour are extracted from images captured at specific wavelengths. In addition, MSI provides information about seed surface structures and biochemistry – which are not “visible” to the human eye. These features provide a new opportunity of determining seed quality parameters such as morphological and biochemical characteristics of the seed coat.

Advanced Technologies Committee (ATC) and Purity Committee (PUR) want to explore the potential of MSI for other seeds determination (OSD). For this purpose, we will use seed samples from previous OSD proficiency tests and we will compare the outcome of our analysis with the results obtained by the accredited labs which participated in the proficiency tests.
As part of the project, dialog among ATC and PUR representatives will be initiated with the aim to discuss the outcomes of the project and to evaluate how this new technology can be best tested and validated for its potential in seed testing.

Effective start/end date01/09/201901/06/2021

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