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Music and enunciation

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  • The Department of Aestethics and Culture - Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Studies
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In the avantgardes of the 1950'es and 1960'es the field of art music undergoes radical changes. The musical work no longer seems to be an iconic object but rather an action, an event. This ph.d.-project seeks to establish a theoretical ground for describing and analysing the "eventness" of the musical act. Using the linguistic and textual theories concerning speech acts, enunciation etc. the ph.d.-project suggests certain theoretical distinctions regarding the musical act equivalent to the speech act. The projects suggests that we distinguish between at least four different level of musical communicative acts of enunciation: 1) the performance act 2) the musical composition as an implicit appealing communicative musical act 3) the technological reproduction and 4) the actual listening act. The project also suggests that this theoretical approach can be used in relation to all musical expressions and not just avant-garde music.
Effective start/end date01/02/200516/04/2010

    Research areas

  • music analysis , theory of enunciation, speech act theory, neo-avantgarde, avantgarde music, John Cage


Research outputs

ID: 128924309