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Multicomponent antibaterial feed additive for weaning piglets against intestinal diseases (MAFFRA)

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Intestinal diseases in pigs are a serious ethical and economical challenge in organic pig production, leading to compromised animal welfare and performance as well as high mortality. Natural organic solutions for increasing animal robustness against gastrointestinal diseases and reduce the need for antibiotics, zinc or copper in feed are needed to improve environmental and economic sustainability of organic pig production and reduce risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria. In two previous projects, REPLACE and BERRYMEAT, a range of plants with antibacterial properties were identified. The concentration of antibacterial compounds of individual plants is however often too low to reduce bacterial growth in vivo and sensory acceptance by pigs can be a challenge. The present project aims at combining several plant species, shortlisted in the previous projects, into multicomponent antibacterial cocktails displaying strong additive antibacterial effect against gut pathogens with no or minimal effect against beneficial commensal gut bacteria and with a sensory profile acceptable for pigs. The identified plant products will be tested in vitro in laboratory assays using gastrointestinal models to identify the best mixture for future in vivo trials. The new cocktail concept will provide a future tool for improving and maintaining gut health in organic pigs, reduce the need for antibiotics, zinc and copper and reduce the risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2017


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